The purpose of the National Conference on Latest innovation in Engineering Sciences and Management is to bring together Researchers, Faculty Members, IT Professionals, Engineers and Practitioners interested in the technology advances and new innovation in the field of engineering, science, and management.
The conference is basically focused on three main components i.e. engineering, science, and management.
Scientists use the technologies that engineers create (such as microscopes, monitors, and meters) to conduct their research. And when engineers start to design a new technology, they call on the knowledge of the natural world developed by scientists (for example, the law of gravity or how fluid flows). Engineering, science, and management connect to—and influence—each other.
Engineering, science, and management also influence (and are influenced by) society. Our human values, needs, or problems often determine what questions scientists investigate and what problems engineers tackle. Meanwhile, the technologies that are the products of science and engineering influence society and change human culture.