The purpose of the National Conference on the “Role of Entrepreneurship in the Era of Digital India” is to bring Researchers, Faculty Members, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Technocrats, and Practitioners together on one platform to discuss the growing role of entrepreneurship in the era of digitalization. Entrepreneurship typically focuses on considering and launching innovative businesses which are usually very difficult to establish due to lack of resources, complex business decisions, uncertainties in economic scenario, lack of market demand, growing social problems, the involvement of risk or a combination of all these. The conference is basically emphasizing on emerging role of entrepreneurship towards the development of national and global economy by integrating digital revolution to mitigate the problems being faced by the mankind. There is not even a single area where the impact of digitalization has not been reflected so is the case with entrepreneurship. It is the demand of the time to let the entrepreneurship grow in its best form by availing and integrating all the facilities & benefits of digital technologies. Being a fastly growing economy of India, it has become more important for the entrepreneurs either product or process or services, to develop their ventures linking all changes occurred due to digital India. Indian economy, which is expected to grow at the rate of around 8% and more in the years to come, is all set to achieve its target through digital India, make in India & startup, which ultimately can be achieved by influxing huge number of entrepreneurs equipped with all the latest development and innovations in the field of digitalization