The purpose of the National Conference on “New Innovations in Data Science & Cyber Security” is to bring together Researchers, Faculty Members, IT Professionals, Engineers and Practitioners interested in the advanced technology and new innovation in the field of data science and cybersecurity.

The conference is basically focused on two main components

  • “Security Analysis and Threat Intelligence” and “Data Science and Analytics in Information Security”.

The currency of cybersecurity is information and nowhere information is more prevalent than modern computer network. Every day enormous amount of data is being generated from endless number of resources that cannot be stored, processed, analyzed and interpreted manually to find the quick systematic desired outcome. Moreover, extracting valuable insight from all such datasets require unique and customized tooling. The field of Data Science focuses on creating multiple techniques to uncover hidden but desired pattern in enormous datasets.

Data Science in cybersecurity has potential to analyze network data against known patterns and develop algorithms to identify suspicious patterns of behavior. Data science is proving to be an integral part of cybersecurity and the fight against online crime. With the new innovations and algorithms, we can leverage the power of data to create a stronger defense against cybercrime, which is in extreme demand in existing scenario.